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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Neera Tanden Senior Clinton Campaign Adviser  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2017 10:30am-11:01am CEST

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learning course because german made easy. on the vastness of central asia and expedition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan the saigon antelope. a year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and are those that are alive endangered. psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary at d w dot com site gus. it's a year now since hillary clinton lost the u.s. presidential election to donald trump and the democratic party has gone losing in state elections around the country my guest here in washington is neera tanden a long time advisor to hillary clinton why are the democrats finding it so hard to put the past behind them and find a new direction. neera
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tanden welcomes conflicts of thanks for having me this summer donald trump managed to get his ratings down to the lowest for any president at this point in his tenure since records began how is it that the democrats have failed to get any political advantage. well i would say that they were able to so far successfully defeat the trumps various versions of the health care bill. they have they don't control congress survey executive branch so really their their ability is to influence even just a handful of republicans which was which was what how they were successful in the health care bill with the same poll that had trump social low ratings also put the
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democratic party i was standing for nothing except to be against trump forty eight forty eight percent have a magnitude view of the party in fact you flatlining in the polls you have done for the last twelve months yes the parties both parties are and popular it's a question really is how people make a choice in the elections and we'll see in november there are two governors' races and in in the united states how those candidates fare in the special elections democrats haven't won those special elections but democrats have been outperforming how they've been do have they did last november so we haven't had a lot of tests of that i would say that donald trump has a strong opposition in the country we are now at close to fifty percent strongly disapprove and variety of polls and whether or did people that makes people actually vote for democrats as a as a big open question i believe the democratic party has to fight donald trump but also has to provide an alternative to him as well but he's had
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a horrible six months he's on the campaign has been under six separate investigations the white house is totally dysfunctional he's made a lot of promises he couldn't keep it. you should've picked up a lot more if you can't kick a politician when he's down in the city where you are you know i would say to the races that have existed so far there have been five special elections you lost but you lost all of them stare five special elections republican performance in those districts by twenty percent up twenty percent over democrats in each of those special elections talking about councils montanna georgia analysts are landing in georgia south carolina exactly there are democrats came close within three four five points and they made up a gap so we haven't we've yet to have an example and we will now we have virginia in november in virginia you have a race that's a purple state it's a pretty close state will see had democrats perform i think the question and then
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the big question in politics days that there is a big resistance to trump that is a big resistance to you as well to them a good well i'm i'm i'm just i'm i'm within or invariant evasion but i would say i'm that i'm not the leader of the democratic party but i would say that i think you'll see we see signs that democrats are planning to vote at higher numbers than republicans they have in the special elections and i think you'll see i perfected in the fundraising uses and the parties but no that's not true of the parties bro that's not true three point five million dollars in the red it's the candidates the big question is whether candidates are raising money in the candidates democratic candidates are outraising democratic candidates for house or are raising house republican candidates even though they're in the majority in the first six months of the year the republicans raised almost double the amount that the democrats go did in the d.n.c. but not as candidates and this is small donations from people donating the two
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hundred dollars so it's grassroots support this is what they're wanted to verify and they're picking up grassroots support know where you're there is higher grassroots support amongst democratic candidates house. senate governor's races then on the republican side i think you're looking at the democratic national committee yourself you have verses there are where the republican national committee the republican national committee does control the various parts of the government so that it's easier to fundraise that way but i think if you she look candidates to candidates democrats are actually outraising republicans the house democrats just route raised the republican the house republicans month after month after month this seems to be a new agreement on how to deal with trump resistance the party seems on the countably clueless about how to why why do you fight that how to take the fight to trim. but why do you say that well because i'm looking at some of the things that some of the congressmen the site jim himes for instance of connecticut he said the
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democrats must do more to compete with expansive an unrealistic promises made by the president debbie dingell from michigan we need to show working men and women we understand their anxieties and fears isn't it shocking to you that people are actually having to say that this is like the first day at school just let you know that you have to understand i'm very desirous deeson fears i guess is so basic to politics i do think democrats have an opportunity and progressive candidates have an opportunity which is that on every issue the president has put forward he has created almost every single issue he's created a broad opposition in the country paris the paris deal was a fifty fifty issue fifty five forty five issue i'm year ago now it's two to one in support of paris if you look at the affordable care act portable care act before he started talking about it i was at thirty eight percent approval now it's at close to sixty percent but there are people in the democratic party in the timrod of ohio
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is one of have you have you met a party so far were everybody agrees on everything everybody i haven't met a party before where people are saying our own brand is toxic which is what tim ryan is saying there's just no doubt about it we're not connecting with people the way we need to connect with them our brand is worse than trying yes i think he did say that last january and i think the question right now for the country is. is it people agree with the opposition to trump and democrats have to offer an agenda for upward mobility how people who have been struggling not for eight years or fifteen years but for decades how their lives are going to improve we've put forward ideas i know senate leaders have put forward ideas about how to create more hype in each area since the election was lost was it taking so long because the thing that congress does is deliberate on health care on tax policy what about the
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politics is the party spend the least time tearing itself apart now with the party is spending other i mean i'm going to die i do isn't directed to democratic party in the united states is a party of its candidates candidates we have more people running for office as democrats in the house and in the house than we have ever had and still you have the director of the elections research center wisconsin madison university barry but he says it's a bit surprising that democrats haven't managed a single victory yet and haven't had more success in turning that i'm good against the trumpet ministration into something tangible i wonder i don't i have to say i find that interesting because again it was true and it's not just interesting though it's not true i mean if you look at history of the five races we've had republican numbers in those races right so people who vote as republicans is on average twenty percent higher if the people had an expectation that even with donald trump you could make up twenty points in south carolina that seems to be
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unrealistic to it doesn't mean it's going to transfer the nationally now it means that you have to look at a race like virginia which is a close race and see how that now that you know you think that if you don't win that yes that would be a bad sign but ralph northam is just pad a poll out in which he's thirteen points ahead of his opponent now i'd will it be thirteen points on election day will it be ten will be twelve will be eight i don't know but i trust that is a problem isn't that trust in the democratic it's not it's a there's a trust of all institutions at. the crowd representative in congress primula jaya says still don't think voters trust democrats i think they don't necessarily know what democrats stand for and how they differentiate from republicans again this is basic politics when no one is i mean i've lived in politics timeline time and never been i can tell you what i think what i think the democratic party stands for that i think the democratic party stands for or progressive politics for at large stands for people who need like a champion people the underdog the people who do you need help not the people who
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are well connected and. doing really well in this economy that's what's the pitch i mean donald trump has had his pitch make america great again what's what's the pitch for the democratic but in the patriots way worse than track a good way is where the party that's about upward mobility for people who haven't had it is doing fantastic so upward mobility is working why is separate mobility upward mobility has nothing to do with the stock market or do you say look people people's but portfolios a going up and that the challenge of the system is that fifty percent of americans don't really have a portfolio so the stock market has nothing to do about that i think is the challenge in our economy which is if you haven't gone to college if you live in a rural community if you live in an x. or you're standing still or falling behind i think donald trump expertly tapped into that anger the opportunity is that he has done nothing to help those
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people in fact he's made it worse is health care bill hurts working class with his base is sold it his base women he's always out to sell it he was at a thirty percent strong support the week before election day was at forty five percent the week before christmas he was a forty five percent forty five percent of the country it was at thirty five percent sixty percent the worst numbers anyway for anyone but i completely take the point. there are people who have questions about donald trump and the they have the question for them is are they going to come out and vote against him or his party in the coming elections i see plenty of evidence when you say have democrats outperforming republicans by fourteen points in races where republicans have a twenty point advantage that seems to me that's a story of lots of democratic enthusiasm not so much republican does as some but we'll see in these coming races whether that's true so why don't people in the polls think that the democrats are doing
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a better job i mean they support it to c.b.s. poll in the summer only thirty percent of voters approve of the job democrats are doing in congress did you look at the republican numbers over the last eight years but you're not proud of these numbers why right i think they should be better but at the end of the day if you're a party that's opposing action like health care people see you as opposing mitch mcconnell's numbers have been terrible for years but he he had a strategy which was to stop the terror what he thought were bad things obama's doing and make obama not effective and he was rewarded in the polls even though republicans in congress have had terrible numbers for the last eight years i do nothing democrats in congress are the question they should be asking i think the question you should be asking is how are democrats when people ask are they in a vote for democrats or republicans in the house races what are they saying and they're saying by eight points they're going to vote for democrats it's largest margin it's been in years and since in fact the last time democrats took the house
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back which was two thousand and six you ideas conference in may this year bernie sanders wasn't invited we didn't have anyone who's running our office because he's the most popular politician in the united states going to actually he's not the most i am and i think bernie sanders has done an amazing work but. there are lots of democrats there are lots of candidates who are more popular item or add that candidates officeholders her former office olders brock obama. biden we didn't have any of them because they had run for office before you're still angry with some loose talk show on hillary clinton during the campaign and i'm not angry i i have applauded senator sanders work over the last year as a v.m. mint champion of the affordable care act he has done rallies around the country those have been those have been exceptionally helpful i think he's done critical critical work to this is since the campaign since the election but what about during you said he drove a lot of hillary clinton's negatives i mean we had
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a right we had she did a lot of but we had a very hard fought primary i think ted cruz drove negatives for donald trump because he was running against him bernie sanders very negative really because he was running against her i think that's that is a fact i'm not saying it's like her numbers were only because bernie sanders or anything like that let's look at israel because he tried to change the platform for the democratic party on israel didn't he but he did but he was highly critical of what he called israeli brutality but the platform ended up with not a mention of the occupation fifty is this year and. that is still there but i think the platform actually did in the end have language about the historic treatment of palestinians and some reference to the settlements if i recall there was some language in the find out where i didn't see it but one of the people who helped draft the position on israel in the democratic party was cornel west professor
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cornel west and he said we are the turning point now for too long the democratic party has been beholden to the pro israel lobby. so choose. beholden to a bank and i take seriously i think monetary of the united states of the policy i mean i think cornel west. i sat side by side with cornel west and had a lots of criticisms of the democratic party i still think i think at the end of the day he is not a democratic party afraid of the pro israel lobby and i think the party brock obama just championed there are a nuclear deal of the center for american progress and democrats voted for it so i think that's the position of the democratic party how long is the blame game for the election loss going to go on i am and so i think democrats i would hope it would end soon. it's been a year is the time the party got over i think i actually think the vast majority of the people in the democratic party bernie sanders supporters hillary clinton
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suppressor reporters are actually over it if you look at the primaries that have happened over the last several years several months democratic party primaries and lots of people voted for barack bernie sanders are voting for moderate candidates john aasif one amongst millennium goals they came out large large but he was one of those in georgia he lost he lost but he was a moderate candidate who a lot of sand her supporters voted for and they i think down time has never been more unifying in my stomach rats and you see bernie sanders supporters hillary clinton supporters all voting for democrats and a lot of moderates winning and a lot of progress is what is in the resolution the body to change the leadership at the national level is that is there because congresswoman kathleen rice she said the entire democratic leadership team should go linda sanchez just reported in the paper so you know house democratic splits it in wanting the house minority leader
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nancy pelosi to step down yes i would tell them to pass it to actually at same time i mean this is up to the members of congress the democratic house members and the democratic senate members to decide who their leaders are but yet suppose he did withstand a challenge and she wants to listen to jordan she. you know that's up to the house democrats i think nancy pelosi has done a great job unifying the caucus she's a very much better negotiator than paul ryan she will end up at the end of this year probably with perhaps more democratic bushman's in a negotiation but then there are obviously very divide that is these difficult to heal i mean we've been talking about this in california if we don't heal the divide in the party between the people who being blocked from rising up the hierarchy because of these people like nancy pelosi and i guess and i say there are blocking the rise of
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a new generation and there are so many great leaders in the house democratic caucus right now if you look at what's happening on line and social media and t.v. and blogs seth moulton and jason cantor do win but joe kennedy jr kathleen clark these are phenomenal leaders in the party who have a very strong voice you know again i have to say i think people who are fixated on having internal battles as you just mentioned a minute ago isn't it time to move past the internal battles to me i think they answer is let's focus on what we can accomplish when will we get what we can defend against with donald trump into these internal battles comes hillary clinton's book and i think if you read the whole book she takes on plenty of blame herself i understand that but how helpful is all this to the party i know the book is going to make her a lot of money but does it help the party move. you know i actually think that i
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think there was a lot of trepidation about the book ahead of time because it was selling division etc but i actually think for a lot of hillary supporters the message of the book the overall message of the book is this was this was a defeat for hillary but there is and movement that was created and that that movement needs to engage in politics now that we can like go to bed or go away but if you care about if you cared about voting for hillary have to care about resisting trap and i think actually the book has done has been incredibly helpful in that way even her talk on the party in june before the book came out saying i inherited nothing from the democratic party i mean it was bankrupted stage it was mediocre to poor nonexistent wrong i had to inject money into it she still bitter she still pointing the finger at others i thought that was one quote out of like a million different things she does she said well you always have to pick a quote but i mean is there any way in which that quote looks nicer than it is it just stirs up bad blood in the party doesn't it and i think hillary is trying to be
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and i think barack obama i think hillary clinton are all trying to be as helpful to the democratic party i'm sure she's going to raise money for the party and she's going to campaign for candidates and that's the test of these things so there's al franken to head to toe enough's enough basically it's time to time to move on we have to move on by proving we're the party that cares about a lot of the people who voted for yes i agree i agree with that. and i think she does too actually if you read the book i think she does say that her economic message didn't get through enough and i think that's an important important argument i think the democratic party right now is in a battle for the hearts and minds of people and the competition is you know an ugly zina phobic racialized politics whether it's charlottesville or the muslim band or drum statements in puerto rico he's trying to appeal to people by attacking you know basically mining their hatred of other people and that's what the democratic
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party is up against and we have to have a we have to do a better job i think trump a lot of people voted for trump thinking he would be a champion for of the working class his policies have betrayed that and was up to democrats to not only criticize trump and the fact that his health care bill hurts the people who voted for him but his tax plan hearst's of people voted for him and helps the super wealthy but you have to have an affirmative it every clinton said on the recording just just posted on you website i believe in reason and facts but she also has yet to admit that her use of a private email so but was wrong she did eventually manage to say sorry but the fact that she felt told the whole truth about it to the american public how did she not tell the whole tried to buy what you took the fact checking website i believe the fact reported in august last year mrs clinton repeatedly said she didn't have any classified information in the her e-mail mocked or unmarked off to the f.b.i. investigation including the interview with clinton f.b.i.
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director komi said she and quickly did they rated her statement as they put it cover so colorfully pants on fire. ok i really got for sure it is still in there you have to actually referencing one pull it off fact statement when there were maybe i don't know seven million. i mean why we are asking you the rest being that out that i was writing about a democratic candidate you would claim hillary clinton is never going to be on the ballot again she's never going to be on the ballot again she can run for president again she's not going to be not running for senate not running for governor i think it's fair for her to try to provide a history of what happened i think the idea that she was not candid in her time when she released all over e-mails or all these e-mails nearly all the points she didn't do she said and repeatedly in two of the fourteen that she turned over all work related e-mails to the state department the f.b.i.
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said she hadn't been the. the f.b.i. there have been several and i'll remind you later the f.b.i. had two investigations going on during the presidential election they had one of donald trump and they had one of hillary clinton and the f.b.i. director only publicly commented on one of them he there was a republican there was a f.b.i. investigation of donald trump and his connections to the russians and his campaign is going to be just as rational my point is that she wasn't wholly honest about this i don't think it's written i had to have been certain livery when i was it all due respect to the idea that you were spending time focused on hillary clinton's veracity when we have a president who lies all the time strikes me as not useful she now running for anything she lacerates these facts have been established how can you have a claim the moral high ground if you don't tell the truth. anyway i mean i'd say
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like i had to be candid with you i think i think if you look like there are people who have done mr meaner crimes who have more honesty than donald trump hillary clinton because i know you two of the killers have been listening to those you care about the planes were inflated was exonerated by the f.b.i. by donald around are still as has a current investigation of his not handling of classified information so it's a moral issue ok but that's not but why very many can i why are you asking about her client at all because by april of last year she'd given enough speeches to be fact checked along with her truth telling she was always as you said way ahead of trump even slightly ahead of us but according to polluted fact only fifty percent of the statements they checked were found to be true or mostly true only that that a city that is so not accurate fifty percent of the lens all of her comments all of all of the ones that they fund checked were all true. i checked i think that is
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just not a cent were found to be true. true i believe is false in many fact checks and maybe you're checking a weird website but this is all the different there are men on the political process and emailer every topic because i checked her if you checked a lot of her political back she often was a she got full veracity and so she was rader's an honest politician but for only half the time by politico you just said more than bernie sanders yeah ok case closed i did it. so isn't it time given all of this to stop is it about all it's a crocodile clear two years about this i mean you've been very loyal to her for many many years haven't you had an idea of going over the leg why again why i mean i have to say i don't actually understand why we're even talking about this she's just to produce the book that's created some more blood in the car i don't know as a great example she had some criticisms of sanders it's in fact the book is doing
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really well oh millions of people seem to be interested she has crowds for do you know is i mean i don't know where their eggs actually help the party or the party i think you're making a value statement when you say it's her party oh it's good to have you on the program here as well as a spec so much as it was. above the by. the end. of.
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the book. the cuban revolution made him a legend. capitalism turned him into a brand. revolutionary command.
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